Staff & Employment

Residential Life is a large department with nearly 40 part-time and full-time professional staff members, more than 100 undergraduate paraprofessionals, and close to 120 undergraduate hourly staff members.  Our team works collaboratively to provide facilities, services, and programs that support the academic mission of the institution and enhance the quality of life for students living on campus. To learn more about our current team view our organizational chart.

  • Our Leadership Team is compromised of a Director, Associate Director and several Assistant Directors who oversee the various units that make-up Residential Life: Assignments & Operations, Conduct & Restorative Practices, Facilities, and Residential Education.
  • Our Community Directors are masters level, full-time professionals, who work and reside in each of our communities.  They serve as supervisors to Resident Assistants, advise community council, assist with student conduct, and residential hall operations. Community Directors serve on-call duty rotation to support evening and weekend concerns.
  • Graduate Assistants work part-time in either Facilities, Residential Education, the Central Office to help with Desk Operations, Maintenance Assistants, Restorative Practices, Conferences & Marketing, Curriculum Development, and Assessment.  Some are on a duty rotation.
  • Residents assistants are undergraduate paraprofessionals that work in-hall, hold programs for residential students, serve on a duty rotation and report to community directors.
  • Maintenance assistants are undergraduate paraprofessionals that complete minor maintenance repairs, serve on a duty rotation, and reports to a facilities coordinator.
  • Desk managers are undergraduate paraprofessional staff and desk assistants (receptionists) are hourly staff responsible for monitoring security, safety, and service for the residential facilities at the community desks.
  • Office assistants are undergraduate hourly staff that function as receptionists in or out of the central office, assist with problem solving, and streamlining questions to appropriate staff and resources.

Employment Opportunities

Students and professionals who work for our department have opportunities to meet new people, stay involved, and gain valuable work and life experience. Together we strive to provide facilities, services, and programs that support the academic mission of the institution and enhance the quality of life for students that live on campus. Residential Life staff foster the personal, social, academic, and leadership development of resident students and prepare them to be active and responsible citizens within the UMBC community and beyond.

Residential Life offers several graduate assistantship opportunities. Individuals who have earned a Bachelor’s degree and who have been accepted into a post baccalaureate graduate program at any of the University System of Maryland campuses are welcome to apply.

We are currently recruiting candidates for the following graduate assistant positions for the 2022-2023 academic year. While the priority deadline is April 1, 2022, applications will continue be accepted until filled.

Community Development Graduate Assistant

Maintenance Operations Graduate Assistant

Residential Experience Graduate Assistant

Technology Development Graduate Assistant

We have closed applications for the Desk Assistant, Office Assistant, and Conference Assistant positions below. For the summer maintenance assistant and project assistant positions please apply here.

2022-2023 Academic Year Positions:

Summer 2022 Positions:

Facilities Office Assistant Position

We are no longer accepting applications for our paraprofessional positions for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Take a look at these information packets to learn more about each position and about our selection process!

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