Housing Waitlist Process

2024-2025 Housing Waitlist Information

  • The Walker Avenue Apartment Waitlist Application will be available on March 9, 2024 for undergraduate students with more than 39 completed credits, newly admitted transfer students, and graduate students who have not licensed for 2024-2025 housing. Walker will send offers to waitlisted students in early April.
  • The Residential Life Waitlist Application will be available on April 13, 2024 for current undergraduate students who have not licensed for 2024-2025 housing. Residential Life will begin extending offers in late May.
  • The Residential Life Waitlist Application will be available on May 16, 2024 for newly admitted undergraduate student who have not licensed for 2024-2025 housing. Residential Life will begin extending offers in late May.
  • Students cannot be on multiple waitlists; if you would like to change waitlists after making a selection please contact Residential Life.

It’s never too late to express interest in living on campus! Students who complete their housing application after their priority deadline, are invited to complete the General Interest Housing Application, and will be added to the Housing Waitlist. Students will be contacted via their UMBC email account, if and when a space becomes available. Students will remain on our housing waitlist until we are able to issue them an offer.

It’s important to note that while students on the housing waitlist are not guaranteed housing, the closer they apply to their priority deadline, the more likely they are to receive a housing offer.

Apply on the Housing Portal

Waitlist Priority

We will prioritize housing offers based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: application submission date, permanent address’ distance from campus, and housing preferences. For example an out-of-state student with a similar submission date to a student from Catonsville would be more likely to receive an offer. As a result, our wait list is not a “first-come, first serve” offering system; making us unable to provide students with updates about where they are on the list.

Students with outstanding (past due) account balances greater than $250 will not be issued a housing offer.  Please submit an RT Ticket once you clear your account balance, so our staff can make note of the change.

Housing Offer Process

We encourage students to check their UMBC email account once a week for a potential housing offer, as offers would be sent electronically. Typically offers are made on Mondays and expire on Sundays, beginning in early May and continuing throughout the academic year.

It is important to note that a housing offer will be for a spot in campus housing, but will not specify a room, building or community. If you have particular questions about your housing offer please contact our office.

Students who accept their offer by following the instructions in their offer email by the offer deadline will be assigned to housing.

If sent an offer and a student declines or does not respond to the offer, they will be removed from the applicant pool. Students who miss their offer deadline are welcome to submit an RT Ticket to request to be added to the Housing Waitlist.

Since we may be unable to accommodate all students on the waitlist prior to the start of the semester, we encourage students and families to explore additional housing and transportation options for the fall semester.  Below are two campus offices that may be of interest to you to contact:

  • Off-Campus Student Services: Supports students with off-campus housing options, carpooling programs, and commuter services
  • Transit: Supports students interested in learning about ride share programs and public transportation.

Additionally, if students find alternative housing arrangements, we ask that they let us know.

Roommate Requests

Students will be assigned a roommate(s) by the Residential Life Staff.  Roommate assignments are made using information provided in the interest housing application.

If you receive and accept a housing offer and would like to request a roommate, you will need to contact the office that issued the offer (Residential Life v. Walker Avenue) in writing. Roommate requests will not be guaranteed for those who were on the housing waitlist, but if a vacancy exists with your requested roommate, the staff will try to honor your request.

Room Assignment

Once the License and Reservation Fee are received, the student can be assigned to housing. Housing Assignments are made utilizing the students housing application preferences and eligibility criteria.  While we try to honor students’ preference we cannot guarantee that a student will be assigned to a specific building or room. Within our co-ed communities, students are assigned to rooms, suites and/or apartments with roommates of the same biological sex, unless the student has expressed interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.

Timing of when you will receive your room and roommate assignment information may vary based on when you completed your housing offer.  Generally fall semester room and roommate is shared in mid-July and spring semester room and roommate information is shared in mid-January.