Housing Procedures

Living on-campus can be a new experience for many students. In addition to abiding by the Residential Policies, there are a number of procedures and expectations for residential retrievers.

Eligibility & Application

To be eligible for on-campus housing, a student must be admitted and enrolled as a full-time (registered for twelve credits per semester for undergraduates or nine credits for graduate students), undergraduate, graduate, or special student at the University.  In the event that a student expects to fall below the full-time requirement, they should contact our office to discuss options.

Students must fulfill mandatory immunization and vaccination requirements, as outlined by University Health Services and UMBC.

To be eligible to live in an a Residential Life apartment, the student must have completed at least fifty (50) credits or lived on campus for two prior semesters.

To be eligible to live in an a Walker Avenue apartment, the student must have completed at least thirty-nine (39) credits.

To be eligible to live in Harbor Hall, the student must have completed at least thirty (30) credits, lived on campus for two prior semesters, or be an approved participant in a living learning program.

Students must complete a housing application to be considered for on-campus housing. All active applications are available via the housing portal.

Priority Application & Guaranteed Housing Offers

Current residents and newly admitted undergraduate students who submit their housing application by the established priority deadlines are guaranteed a housing offer for the upcoming term.

General Application (Wait List)

Newly admitted graduate students, commuters, and/or students who miss the priority deadline should submit a General Housing Application. Once submitted, they will be added to a housing wait list. Wait list offers will be made throughout the summer and into the academic year, as space permits.

Each year students must submit a $200 housing reservation fee as an indication of their commitment to live on campus before they can be assigned. The housing reservation is applied as a credit to the student’s first housing bill. The housing reservation fee is mandatory. Students with significant financial need are welcome to contact Residential Life.

Students complete a housing license in order to be assigned to housing. The term of the license is for the entire academic year, defined as beginning with the start of the fall semester, or upon occupancy whichever occurs first, through the end of the spring Semester.

Cancellation & Release

Students may cancel their housing license prior to occupancy or the start of the license term, whichever comes sooner, by submitting an RT Ticket.

2021-2022 Academic License

Fall 2021 Cancellation Fee Schedule for Academic Year Residents

A cancellation fee will be applied based on the timing of the request. Please see the cancellation fee schedule below:

  • Prior to May 31, 2021- $200 Cancellation Fee
  • June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021- $400 Cancellation Fee
  • July 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021- $500 Cancellation Fee
  • August 1, 2021 to August 30, 2021- $600 Cancellation Fee
  • Occupancy or August 31, 2021, whichever comes first- $700 Cancellation Fee

Spring 2022 Cancellation Fee Schedule for Spring Only Residents

A cancellation fee will be applied based on timing of the request for spring only residents. Please see the cancellation fee schedule below:

  • Prior to December 31, 2021- $200 cancellation fee
  • January 1, 2022 to January 30, 2022- $400 cancellation fee
  • Occupancy or January 31, 2022, whichever comes first- $700 cancellation fee

2022- 2023 Academic License

Fall 2022 Cancellation Fee Schedule for Academic Year Residents

A cancellation fee will be applied based on the timing of the request. Please see the cancellation fee schedule below:

  • Prior to May 31, 2022- $200 Cancellation Fee
  • June 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022- $400 Cancellation Fee
  • July 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022- $500 Cancellation Fee
  • August 1, 2022 to August 29, 2022- $600 Cancellation Fee
  • Occupancy or August 30, 2022, whichever comes first- $700 Cancellation Fee

Spring 2023 Cancellation Fee Schedule for Spring Only Residents

A cancellation fee will be applied based on timing of the request for spring only residents. Please see the cancellation fee schedule below:

  • Prior to December 31, 2022- $200 cancellation fee
  • January 1, 2023 to January 28, 2023- $400 cancellation fee
  • Occupancy or January 29, 2023, whichever comes first- $700 cancellation fee

UMBC may release a resident from their license under limited circumstances upon receipt of a written petition requesting such extraordinary action accompanied by appropriate documentation. License releases are extraordinary, not automatic, and will be reviewed, with appropriate supporting documentation, if satisfying one of the following circumstances:

  • for residents seeking to fulfill academic requirements of UMBC which require work outside of commuting distance to UMBC, or
  • for residents with exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical condition rendering the license an undue hardship or impossibility of use and occupation).

To seek consideration for a release from the terms and conditions, residents must complete the License Release Petition request form available by submitting an RT Ticket.

Review, for approval or denial, of the License Release Petition will be conducted by the license review committee. Submission of a request form does not guarantee approval/release from the housing license.

A denial of the license release petition will cause the resident to continue to be obligated to the license terms and conditions, including financial responsibility, for the term of the license.

An approval of the License Release Petition will include an effective date. License releases will also include cancellation of the meal plan unless resident opts to maintain a meal plan with Food Services. Students granted an appeal may be subject to cancellation fees and prorated charges, as outlined in the housing license.


Room Assignments & Changes

Once the License and Reservation Fee are received, the student can be assigned to housing. Housing Assignments are made utilizing the student’s housing application preferences and eligibility criteria.  While we try to honor students preference we cannot guarantee that a student will be assigned to a specific building or room. Within our co-ed communities, students are assigned to rooms, suites and/or apartments with roommates of the same biological sex, unless the student has expressed interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.

  • Incoming first-year, transfer, and wait list students are assigned to housing by Residential Life staff.
  • Students that apply for and are selected to live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC) are assigned by the LLC Coordinator.
  • Current residents who participate in Housing Selection get to select their specific building and room from the available inventory.

Housing assignments are communicated to students via their UMBC email account.

  • Fall residents should expect to receive their assignment in mid-July.
  • Spring only residents should expect to receive their assignment information in mid-January.

During the first two (2) weeks of each semester and during the exam period, room changes are not permitted. Room freezes allow Residential Life to “take attendance,” move any students out of their temporary assignments, and place students on the waitlist. Room assignments also are frozen toward the end of each semester to allow Residential Life staff to prepare for any upcoming transitions.

Students who live in a room with a vacancy should be aware that an assignment to the vacant space may be made at any time during the academic year. Such an assignment does not need the agreement of the current resident. Students living in a room with a vacancy should only occupy/use one (1) set of furniture.

Every room change must be approved in advance and in writing by Residential Life. Residential Life reserves the right to change a room assignment at any point during the academic year when that change is deemed to be in the best interest of the University or the residents concerned.

Residents experiencing a roommate conflict are encouraged to seek assistance from their RA or community director before a room change will be considered. If a roommate conflict cannot be resolved, requests for room changes during the academic year may be granted outside of the room freeze period.

Residents seeking a room change should contact their community director to initiate the room change process.

When possible, a new housing assignment will be made to an existing vacancy.

Room changes are typically scheduled to take place over the weekend between noon on Friday and 10 p.m. on Sunday. Students approved for a room change will receive written confirmation and instructions for changing rooms.

Opening & Closing Procedures

Students are permitted to move in at least one (1) day prior to the start of the academic semester.

When a student moves into a new room or community, they should formally check in at their community desk or with their community director. Resident students will be issued campus ID card access to their bedroom once they check in at the desk.

Once they move-in to their space they should notify their RA of any pre-existing damages or issues in their bedroom. The RA will either instruct them to complete a Room Condition Report with their roommate(s) or update the existing Room Condition Report.

Residents are expected to check out of their room 24-hours after their last academic commitment or by the established community/hall closing deadline, whichever comes sooner. Students must formally checkout of their space by either scheduling a check-out time with their RA or by completing an Express Checkout.

  • Express Checkout: This is the fastest and easiest way to check out of a room. Residents should bring their UMBC ID card to their community desk to be deactivated after all of their personal items are removed from their room. They will be asked to complete an electronic Checkout Receipt with the staff at the desk. Residential Life will inspect their room at a later time for potential damages and/or cleaning charges.
  • Traditional Checkout with an RA: This option is for residents who would prefer to be present while a RA completes the checkout inspection and/or who know they have caused damage to their room. RAs conducting checkouts will inform residents of potential cleaning or damage charges at the appointment.  After their room is inspected, residents should bring their UMBC ID card to their community desk to be deactivated after all of their personal items are removed from their room. They will be asked to complete an electronic Checkout Receipt with the staff at the desk. Students interested in formally checking out with an RA should schedule an appointment with a staff member 48 hours before departing.

Prior to checking out, residents should:

  • Remove all personal items from their bedroom and common areas.
  • Remove and dispose of all trash in a trash room or a dumpster.
  • Return University-provided furniture to its original location.
  • Turn off water.
  • Turn off lights and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Close blinds.

Students who fail to formally checkout with a staff member and/or fail to submit a checkout receipt may be assessed an improper checkout fee.

Students living in 8-month communities (Chesapeake, Erickson, Patapsco, Susquehanna, Harbor East Wing, and Harbor 2nd-5th Floors North) are expected to leave during fall (Thanksgiving), winter, and spring breaks and should complete the following checklist before departing for break to help ensure the overall health and safety of their room and personal belongings.

While Potomac and Harbor Halls’ 9-month rooms and apartments do not close for break, students who choose to leave must review this checklist:

  • Clean their bathroom and personal spaces well. To avoid a stuffy bathroom, leave the bathroom door open. Make sure it’s okay with suitemates before leaving the bathroom door(s) unlocked.
  • Remove and dispose of all trash in a trash room or a dumpster.
  • Set the heat between 68-72 degrees.
  • Unplug all appliances and extension cords from the wall. Microfridges and fish tanks may remain plugged in at fall and spring break only. If approved appliances are left plugged in, make sure the electrical connections are safe: not running under rugs, hanging loosely out of the wall, or plugged into a thin extension cord.
  • Feed fish and water plants; please remove fish and/or plants during winter break.
  • Take valuables home including medicine, passports, pet fish, and any other items you will need over break. Communities will be inaccessible during break.
  • Turn off water. Make sure faucets are not dripping.
  • Turn off lights and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Close blinds on ground floor rooms; leave blinds up on all other floors.
  • Clean your refrigerator and dispose of perishable items. Defrost and prop microfridge doors open during winter break.
  • Report facilities concerns to FXIT.

Residential Life Staff will conduct health and safety Inspections in 8-month communities at closing.

If a resident’s permanent address is more than 50 miles from UMBC and they are graduating, have a late exam ending after the halls close, or are volunteering at commencement they may request to apply for late stay in advance of the halls closing. Residents should contact Residential Life to be issued the late stay application. Applications are typically due a week before the halls are scheduled to close.

If approved for late stay, the resident is expected to depart by 10 a.m. the day after the communities officially close.

Facilities, Maintenance, and Safety

The “FXIT” line is the service you contact to get a maintenance concern in your room or apartment fixed.

  • For a non-emergency during office hours submit a work order request at http://fxit.umbc.edu
  • For a facility emergency during office hours call the FXIT line, 410-455-3948.
  • For a facility emergency after hours call your front desk and staff will contact the Maintenance Assistant (MA) on duty.

Notice: By submitting a Work Order Request, I am authorizing university personnel, custodial service personnel or contracted campus vendors (pest control etc) to enter my room, suite or apartment to make the repairs requested. I understand, I need to be prepared for repair staff to enter my space by being fully clothed, remove any valuables or cash from plain view and to the extent possible, provide access to the area needing repair.For questions about the status of a request call 410-455-3948.
To submit a work order in Walker Avenue contact the Walker management office, 443-612-7541.

Information Needed to Submit a Work Order Request

Name, phone number, room number, UMBC email address and a detailed description. You will be assigned a “Work Order Number”. This number is EXTREMELY important. Please keep it until you are sure that your request has been fixed.

  • All staff entering your room should be able to show University identification. For your security please request to see this before allowing anyone you do not know into your room.
  • Depending on the severity and complexity of your request, staff will refer it to either a student MA, a member of UMBC’s Facilities Management staff or an outside contractor.

Submit work requests for all maintenance items to FXIT:

  • No AC/heat
  • No hot water
  • No electricity
  • No lights or some lights out
  • Plumbing issues/leaks
  • Key/Door lock issues
  • Pest control
  • Laundry machine problems
  • Window blinds
  • Broken/cracked window glass/mirror
  • Broken furniture
  • Beeping smoke detectors

Emergencies and priority items will be addressed with 1-2 hours.

Allow an average of three to five business days for completion of non-emergency items contingent upon the severity of the issue or problem. This list is not exhaustive.
Work affecting your ability to reside in your room/apartment will be given priority.After Hour Emergencies
MAs are on duty seven nights a week in order to respond quickly to emergencies. Call your front desk and staff will contact the MA on duty for you.

Some emergencies include:

  • Broken Window
  • Flood or large leaks
  • HVAC Problems (No Heat, No Air Conditioning)
  • Lock Problems
  • Loss of electricity
  • Only light source out

Contact DoIT (Department of Information Technology) for repairs to 410-455-3838 or www.umbc.edu/oit

  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Internet

Your UMBC Campus ID is also your room key.

When leaving your room you should lock the door and keep your UMBC campus ID with you at all times. If you get locked out of your room go to your community desk to get a temporary  card.  If you lose your key or ID, except in Walker Avenue, report this to the community front desk immediately. Walker residents need to report a lost key to the Walker management office. Your key or ID is for your use only and you should not lend your key or ID to others.

If you lose your  UMBC campus ID—which is also your room key—you’ll need to go to the Campus Card office first to get a replacement card.  You’ll then need to bring your UMBC campus ID to the Residential Life office to have it re-programmed. If Campus Card is closed, you can be issued a temporary card from the front desk.

All residents, except those living in Walker Avenue, are given a resident ID sticker. This sticker must be shown to the desk staff upon entry.

Residential Life values the creation of a safe environment in every residential community. Residential Life conducts visual health and safety checks in residential rooms intermittently throughout the semester to increase safety within our residential buildings by timely identification and removal of prohibited items. These checks also allow our staff an opportunity to educate residents through positive, personal contact.

The Residential Life facilities staff, in collaboration with UMBC Police and UMBC Health and Environmental Safety, routinely inspects all fire detection systems in the residential facilities.

Residents are not expected to be present during the inspection, but if they would like to be they should contact their resident assistant to schedule a time.

If concerns or issues are found in their room, they will receive notification via email.

Students may appeal checkout charges and/or fees. The appeal window is typically two (2) weeks. Please keep in mind that submission of an appeal does not guarantee charges will removed.

Students who would like to appeal check-out related housing charges should complete the UMBC Residential Damage Appeal Form. Students who submit a formal appeal should receive a response from Residential Life two (2) weeks after the appeal deadline date.