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Housing Selection Guide

What is Housing Selection?

Housing Selection is the process by which current students select heir room and/or roommates for the upcoming academic year. Our system is fully online; you can participate in Housing Selection using your smartphone, tablet, or any computer.

Click here to view or download the 2020-2021 Housing Selection Guide

Quick Facts

  • Current students who apply between March 9- March 24, 2020 are guaranteed on-campus housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Students with outstanding student account balances greater than $250 will not be granted access to the application.  You should clear your account and then come to the Residential Life Office to request access to the application.
  • Graduate students and 5th year residents will only be able to apply for Walker Avenue Apartments.
  • Undergraduate students with 39 completed credits will be able to chose between the Residential Life and Walker Avenue Applications.
  • Current commuters will need to be pulled in by a current resident before requesting access to the the housing application.
  • The first 500 applicants get a free prize!
  • When you submit your application you are committing to housing for the full academic year.  If you decide to cancel you will forfeit your housing deposit and be charged a cancellation fee.

Important Dates

  • March 9- Housing Selection Application(s) Available
  • March 24- Housing Selection Application Due
  • March 9- March 25- Roommate Search Open
  • March 26-29- Gender Inclusive Group Formation Available
  • March 29- Group Formation Closes
  • April 6-9- Residential Life Selection
  • April 15 & 16- Walker Avenue Selection