Graduate Students

Graduate students are eligible to live at Walker Avenue Apartments, a public-private partnership between Capstone On Campus and UMBC that provides students with an increased sense of independence and the convenience of being on-campus. Walker Avenue is the only facility on campus that houses graduate students.

Walker Avenue Apartments is a facility owned and controlled by the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO).  Capstone On-Campus Management is agent to MEDCO in the operation of Walker Avenue Apartments.  Walker Avenue Apartments is considered university-affiliated housing, since it is located on the campus of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and operates with the oversight of UMBC; however, Walker Avenue Apartments IS NOT owned by UMBC.

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Housing Application Process for Graduate Students

The Housing Application is made available to newly admitted graduate students on February 1 for the upcoming academic year. The housing application is the first step for all students interested in living on campus.  The application assists in the assignment, roommate matching, and waitlist process, so students should make sure they complete this application honestly and accurately.

Once the License and Reservation Fee are received, the student can assigned to housing. Housing Assignments are made utilizing the students housing application preferences and eligibility criteria.  While we try to honor students preference we cannot guarantee that a student will be assigned to a specific building or room. Within our co-ed communities, students are assigned to rooms, suites and/or apartments with roommates of the same biological sex, unless the student has expressed interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.

Graduate students will be assigned a roommate(s) by the Residential Life Staff.  Roommate assignments are made using information provided in the interest housing application.

Students can expect to receive their assignment and roommate information as early as mid-July via their UMBC email.

Apply on the Housing Portal

Housing Application Process for Current Graduate Residents

Current graduate residents (those living on campus) are welcome to participate in housing selection.