Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Listed are the approved rates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Notwithstanding any other provision of this or any other University publication, the University reserves the right to make changes in tuition, fees, and other charges at any time such changes are deemed necessary by the University and the University System of Maryland Board of Regents. Official rates can be found on the UMBC Bursar’s office website for tuition and fees.

2023-2024 Housing Rates

Community Style Bedroom Type Annual Rate Semester Cost
Residence Hall Triple & Quad Bedrooms $6,104 $3,052
Residence Hall Single & Double Bedrooms $8,514 $4,257
Suite Single & Double Bedrooms (Erickson & Harbor 8-Month) $8,514 $4,257
Suite Single & Double Bedrooms (Harbor 9-Month Continuous) $8,970 $4,485
Apartment 9-Month Continuous Single Bedroom $9,054 $4,527

*These rates include the proposed $375 year communication fee that covers Xfinity Streaming IPTV and high-speed ethernet or wireless connectivity.

Proposed 2023-2024 Semester Board (Meal Plan) Rates

  • Students living in residence halls and suites are required to have a residential meal plan, and will be defaulted to the Terrific 12 Meal Plan if they do not select another option when they apply for housing.
  • Apartment residents may elect to have any meal plan.
  • Students living in 9-month continuous housing residence halls (Potomac) and suites (Harbor) must also purchase a minimum of a $50 flex meal plan for the January term as part of the housing license whether or not students plan to reside in housing for the month of January.
  • For more information about meal plans, please contact Campus Card and Mail Services or visit Dining Services
Residential Meal Plans
(Semester Rate)

The Ultimate 


Savvy 16


Terrific 12


Super 225 Block 


Flexible 14 


Flexible 10


Meal Plans for Apartment Residents Only
(Semester Rate)

Flexible 5 


Mega 50 Block 


Mini 25 Block 


Residential Life Scholarships

Residential Life offers scholarships which provides eligibility exclusively to Residential Life students. Students who are licensed with Walker Avenue Apartments or hired as a Residential Life Paraprofessional for the award period are not eligible for either scholarship.

Student Success Scholarship

The purpose of the Student Success Scholarship is to assist current residential life students who demonstrate significant financial need to remain in on-campus residents, who may otherwise be unable to afford housing during the academic year. The scholarship is supported by Residential Life. Award funds are for the following semester. If you are applying in fall, the funds would be applied for the spring semester housing balance. If the application is submitted and accepted in spring, the funds would be for the subsequent fall. Several scholarships may be awarded each semester. Funds will vary based on eligibility and will range from full semester housing costs to partial semester housing costs, not to exceed the cost of a double room.

The application is open on Scholarship Retriever from April 1-30 for Fall Awards and October 1-30 for Spring Awards.

Robinson Scholarship

Named for the former director of Residential Life, The Robinson Scholarship is awarded annually to a student with a good academic record who is also in need of financial aid.

The application is open on Scholarship Retriever from April 1-30 for Fall Awards.

Apply for UMBC Scholarships