Suite-style housing is offered to students with 30 credits and those who are part of a living-learning community located in either Erickson or Harbor Halls.

Suite-style housing provides students with the opportunity to have semi-private communal spaces with 3 suite-mates. Most suites are comprised of 2 double bedrooms and a common living space, for 4 students.  Harbor Hall offers limited single bedroom suites (4 bedrooms, for 4 residents); singles are prioritized for those with approved medical accommodations and upperclass students.

Streaming services and individually controlled heating and air conditioning are standard in each unit.  Room furnishings include a bed, a dresser, a desk, and a chair. The bedrooms and living areas are carpeted.  Students living in the suites have 24 hour access to the community kitchens, lounges, and laundry rooms. Students assigned to a suites are required to have a residential meal plan.

For more information the standard amenities and services in all of our communities visit our communities page.

Erickson is the home of the Residential Life, and the Shriver Living Learning Center.

Each suite has 2 double bedrooms (each housing 2 students), a common living area, and a common bath.

quiet lifestyle community is located on the fourth floor (south wing).

Harbor Hall is home to several of our Living Learning Communities: Humanities, Intercultural Living Exchange, Visual and Performing Arts, Women Involved in Learning and Leadership.

Harbor Hall consists of three types of suites, all housing four people. Most suites have two rooms (each housing two people), a common living area and a shared bathroom. There are a few suites that consist of 2 singles bedrooms and 1 double bedroom. Remaining suites consist of four single rooms, a shared bath, and two small entry areas.

Half of Harbor Hall provides nine-month continuous housing. Students living in nine-month continuous housing residence halls and suites must purchase a minimum of a $50 flex meal plan for the January term as part of the housing license whether or not students plan to reside in housing for the month of January.

quiet lifestyle community is located on the fourth floor (south wing).

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Approximate Suite Bedroom Dimensions

  • Double Bedroom: 130 sq. ft. (10’x15′ and 5’x6′ walk-in closet space)
  • Single Bedroom: 88 sq. ft. (8’x11′)