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Our Residential Halls

Most students begin their experience living on campus in one of our traditional hall or suite style communities: Chesapeake, Susquehanna, Patapsco, Potomac, Erickson, and Harbor. Streaming services and individually controlled heating and air conditioning are standard in each unit.  Room furnishings include a bed, a dresser, a desk, and a chair. The bedrooms and living areas are carpeted.  Students living in the traditional halls and suites have 24 hour access to the community kitchens, lounges, and laundry rooms.

Living on campus is all about the community experience – connecting with others, finding your place academically, and learning what it means to be a responsible member of a community. Here are some important things to think about as you look towards the fall semester:

  • Connect with your roommate(s) early! All residential students will complete a roommate agreement, within the first weeks of the semester.  This agreement will help you to think about what you need to live together successfully and will cover topics such as your pet peeves, preferred times to study and sleep, cleanliness of the room, and frequency of having guests over. It is helpful to do some thinking in advance about your preferences in order to prepare for this conversation, but also remember to be prepared to listen to the needs and preferences of your roommate(s) as well. Roommates who can figure out the best way to communicate with each other and proactively address any issues will have the most successful living experience!
  • You’re not alone! When you get here, you will meet your Resident Assistant (RA). Your RA is a student community leader who will be able to help you settle into the community and answer any questions that you might have and to encourage you to get involved in your hall. We have leadership opportunities available right when you get here with our Resident Student Association Community Council and our Living Learning Communities Council. Plan to get involved!
  • If you are living in Chesapeake, Susquehanna, Potomac, or Patapsco, you have the opportunity to join other new students in your residence hall to participate in the Interact Program, which is comprised of four meetings at the beginning of the semester. Interact helps new students to make friends and learn important interaction skills. These skills can help you with your friendships and future success at UMBC. Look for more information about how to sign up for Interact when you come to campus. If you have any questions contact us via RT form. A participant said: “I believe that the Interact Program gave me the chance to get to know other students and have good conversations and develop social skills that help me at UMBC and in my life in general. The friendships I made during this program are important to me and my success here at UMBC.”  – An Interact Program Participant