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Staff Directory

Residential Life, Erickson Hall
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, Maryland 21250
Phone: 410-455-2591

Residential Life Staff – Residential Life Organizational Chart

John Fox

Director Residential Life or 410-455-2591


Kristie Pratt

Administrative Assistant for Director of Residential Life or 410-455-3539


Frank Caldwell

Associate Director of Residential Life or 410-455-1215


Jeanette Williams

Administrative Assistant for Associate Director of Residential Life or 410-455-3805


Brad Boyle

IT Specialist or 410-455-3771


Matthew Wood

Facilities Coordinator, Safety and Security or 410-455-1668


Brandon Seo

Facilities Graduate, Assistant Coordinator or 410-455-5625


Residential Education

David Clurman

Assistant Director of Residential Education or 410-455-3766


Kaleigh Mrowka

Assistant Director for Residential Education or 410-455-1992


Paisley Martin

Residential Education and Leadership Coordinator or 410-455-8735


Ging Shamberger

Community Development Graduate Assistant or 410-455-5821


Cynthia Malone

Administrative Assistant for Residential Education or 410-455-3774


Community Directors


Kyle Bianchini

Community Director of Harbor Hall or 410-455-3575


Morgan Sheuerman

Assistant Community Director of Harbor Hall or 410-455-3576


Laura Mack

Community Director of Erickson Hall or 410-455-3189


Narges Ershad

Assistant Community Director of Erickson Hall or 410-455-1994


Douglas Copeland

Community Director of Hillside Apts. or 410-455-1897


Tia Howard

Community Director of West Hill, Terrace Apts. or 410-455-1601


Ma’neh Tcheffo

Assistant Community Director of the Apartments or 410-455-1401


Yamesha Woodley

Community Director of Walker Avenue Apts. or 410-455-1757


Thomas Waters Jr.

Community Director of Susquehanna Hall


Clifton Saul

Community Director of Patapsco Hall or 410-455-1701


Mimi Nguyen

Assistant Community Director of Patapsco Hall or 410-455-0917


Vladimir Rodriguez

Community Director of Potomac Hall or 410-455-8601


Julie Ta

Community Director of Chesapeake Hall or 410-455-1801


Residential Operations

Jackie Wilson

Assistant Director of Residential Operations or 410-455-8832


Wendy Crowe

Program Management Specialist or 410-455-3770


Marketing and Conferences

Jessica Williams

Assistant Director of Marketing and Conferences or 410-455-2706


Student Conduct

Lauren Mauriello

Assistant Director of Student Conduct or 410-455-2591


Lance White

Program Management Specialist or 410-455-8818


Business Operations

Amir-Ali Shahegh

Accounting Associate or 410-455-2791