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Faculty Mentors

Residential Life strives to create opportunities where faculty members and students can engage with one another outside of the classroom. The Faculty Mentor Program offers students a variety of ways to interaction with some of UMBC’s outstanding faculty members.

Students are encouraged to meet their faculty mentors in their residential communities and utilize them as an additional resources on campus. Faculty Mentors can assist with general academic questions, course registration/course concerns, and connect students with campus resources.

Faculty Mentors will be in their communities during the following times, but can also schedule appointments with students.


Community Faculty Mentor In-Community Time Email Address
Apartments Dr. Bambi Chapin **
Chesapeake Hall Dr. Vickie Williams **
Erickson Hall Dr. Brigid Starkey **
Patapsco Hall Dr. Loren Henderson **
Potomac Hall Dr. Jason Schiffman **
Susquehanna Hall Dr. Cynthia Wagner **

**This information will be posted by the start of the second week of classes each semester.