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Housing Selection 2017

Housing Selection 2017 for Upper Class Resident and Commuter Students Only – DEADLINE TODAY MARCH 28TH

Welcome to UMBC Residential Life’s 2017 Housing Selection! This process will allow you to choose a room to live in on campus next year. Our system is fully online and will allow you to participate in Housing Selection using your smartphone, tablet, or any computer. Just apply, connect, and select to cover your bases!

The first 500 students to apply will receive a Residential Life cover (blanket) – wow! 

What New for Housing Selection 2017…
  • Commuters may participate fully in Selection!  Must be part of a group for Residential Life housing – come to the Residential Life office in Erickson Hall 184 with a current residential group member to fill out a “commuter pass” form.  May apply as an individual or as part of a group for Walker Avenue Apartments with 39+ credits.  To apply for Walker simply fill out the on-line application for Walker.
  • No 3-person groups will be able to participate in Selection (except at Walker for 3-bedroom apartments).  If you have a group of 3 you will need to find a 4th person through the Roommate Searching feature or by attending one of our  Roommate Mixers hosted by the Resident Student Association (RSA).  Students seeking to obtain a triple or quad room should stop in at the Residential Life office to make the request at Erickson Hall 184.
  • Facebook Live Session to let you get Housing Selection Info any time!
  • Remember – as was the case last year 4-person groups do not receive priority for apartments – Housing Selection is based on your academic credits only as of winter session and your group credit average if you are selecting as a group.
  • Apartment cut-off Res Life Apartment Hillside, Terrace and West Hill:  Many students hope to be able to select an apartment.  Remember that the typical apartment cut-off is approximately a 50 credit group average.  That cut-off can vary depending on how many students are selecting apartments.  So, for example, a group of four students who are freshmen this year who each obtained 15 credits as of winter session has a group credit average of 15.  This group should not plan on obtaining an apartment with that group credit average.
  • Apartment cut-off Walker Avenue Apartments:  Most students with 39+ credits who apply to Walker will obtain an apartment through Housing Selection.  Since each member of your group must have 39+ credits to apply for Walker the competition for apartments at that facility is somewhat less.  So, for example, a group of rising juniors with 39 credits each as of winter session has a group credit average of 39.  This group typically will be able to obtain an apartment if they have applied for Walker Avenue apartments.
  • For assistance with Group Formation and using the Roommate Search feature watch this quick video:
Important Dates…

February 27 @ 11-1PM – Housing Selection Info Session in Apartment Community Center

March 1 @ 7PM – Roommate Mixer in Harbor Hall Multipurpose Room

March 6 @ 12:00 PM – Housing applications and licenses available online

March 8 @ 1:00 PM – Housing Selection Info Session in Apartment Community Center

March 13 @ 7PM – Roommate Mixer, location to be determined

March 19-26 – Spring Break

March 28 @ 11:59PM – Deadline for submitting your housing application and license

March 6-28 @ 12:00 PM – Roommate Group Formation and Roommate Search

March 28-30 @ 12:00 PM – Gender Inclusive Roommate Group Formation.

March 30 @ 12:00 PM – All groups will lock and will no longer be editable

March 31 – Selection times are assigned and emailed to groups based on group credit average.  Your countdown clock begins in your Residence account.

April 5 – Online Room Selection – 80 – 120+ credits as group average

April 6 – Online Room Selection – 40 – 79 credits as group average

April 7 – Online Room Selection – 0 – 39 credits as group average

April 11 – Online Walker Selection

April 12 – Online Walker Selection

Click below to get started…

Apply, Connect and Select to cover your bases.

Housing Selection 2017 Printable Packet