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Student Staff Live-In Conference 2019


Save the date for the Student Staff Live-In Conference 2019 (SSLI) on Saturday, November 9, 2019!  This one day event provides student staff with the opportunity to network, attend presentations, and present to their peers across the region.

Where does P² come in?

In the spirit of UMBC being an Honors University and a campus that fosters diversity across many spectrums, and prides itself on its diverse student population, our theme intersects science and social change. Potential energy is energy that is stored within an object, not in motion, but capable of becoming active. Power is the rate at which work is done or energy is converted. We want you to hear from colleagues, peers, and professionals from across the region to be inspired by the stories and actions of others. We want you all to think about how they can spark change on college campuses at all levels. Our goal for everyone is to be moved to engage in dialogue and presentations so that they turn the potential they have into action, into ideas, into power.

About UMBC: 

Inclusive excellence is a hallmark of UMBC and a foundational value of our community. UMBC was founded in 1966, during the period of the civil rights movement and into the Vietnam War. We take great pride in the diversity of experience, background, and thought represented by our campus community and the respectful ways in which our students, faculty, and staff engage the civic issues being debated in our country today. UMBC is dedicated to cultural and ethnic diversity, social responsibility and lifelong learning. UMBC is a dynamic public research university integrating teaching, research and service to benefit the citizens of Maryland.

Under the leadership of President Freeman A. Hrabowski, since 1992, UMBC has been ranked the #1 Up and Coming University in the USA for six consecutive years (2009-2014). Dr. Hrabowksi’s research and publications are primarily focused on science and math education, with particular emphasis on underrepresented population participation and performance.

Our school colors are Black & Gold and our mascot is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the state dog of Maryland. Many all around the country may have learned of our colors and mascot during UMBC’s historic win over the University of Virginia in the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. A victory which saw the first time a 16 seeded school has gone on to defeat the #1 ranked seeded school.

About our Residential Community:

The mission of the Residential Life is to provide facilities, services, and programs that support the academic mission of the institution and enhance the quality of life for students that live on campus. Residential Life staff foster the personal, social, academic, and leadership development of resident students and prepare them to be active and responsible citizens within the UMBC community and beyond.

The vision of Residential Life, we co-create exceptional and innovative living-learning environments for our campus community.

Our Residential Community consists of 4,000 students living in 9 residence halls.

Undergraduate First Years in Traditional-Style Halls

Undergraduate Traditional Suite-Style Halls

Undergraduate Upper Class in Apartment-Style Halls