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Dining Plans are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our students. After signing up for a dining plan, use your student ID to access your dining plan at True Grit’s, The Commons, the A.O.K. Library, The University Center, or the Admin Coffee Shoppe. Students on any of our meal plans can take advantage of the Meal Exchange option. With this option, students can “trade” a meal at The Commons Market Street, The Commons Retriever Lounge, University Center, and the AOK Library. The Meal Exchange value is $5.95 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. It is important to note that if the Meal Exchange option is used, your meal plan cannot be used at any Dining Services operated location until the next meal period.

Flex Plans allow you to use the allotted number of meals (14 or 10) any way you choose during the week. The week runs from Monday Breakfast through Sunday Late Night. Flex plans allow you to eat more than one meal per meal period. For example, eating lunch at 11:00 am, and second meal at 3:30 pm would place both meals in the lunch meal period. You can swap unused meals for cash allowance toward a la carte purchases at numerous locations around campus. Meal exchanges in the Outtakes C-Store at True Grit’s will be limited to one meal per meal period.

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