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Microfridge, Bed Loft & Linen Programs


Microfridge Rentals

Microwaves are not permitted in residential rooms. Microwaves are allowed in residential apartments only.  You may, however, rent a MicroFridge (Mircowave/Refridgerator combination) from from MyFridgeRental.  Please note that only one Microfridge unit is allowed per residential room so in many cases roommates split the cost of the rental for the academic year.

Contact them here: 301-758-7967 |



UMBC has contracted with BedLoft so that you may purchase a loft for your bed! Bedlofts are an affordable and convenient way to create more space in your residence hall room. The additional living space will provide a more comfortable environment and will free up space for other items, such as a futon, desk and more. To place your order for 2019-2020, visit To guarantee availability and have your product delivered to your room by move-in day orders should be placed before August 5, 2019.

 To view product details, photos, pricing, and place your order please visit

Q: Why should a student rent a bed loft?

A: Renting a bed loft is an easy, affordable way to create more space in residence hall rooms. The additional living space will provide residents with a more comfortable environment and free up space for additional items, such as a futon, desk and more. If ordered by August 5th, the product will be delivered to the student’s room and assembled before move-in day.

Q: Will products be available to order during move-in?

A: Visit, select the “Distribution Information” tab on the left sidebar, and select your school to find out specific, up-to-date information regarding product availability and delivery or pick-up during move-in.

Q: What if a student wants to order after move-in day?

A: Simply advise the student to visit to place their order. Once the order is placed, we will notify students of when and how they will be able to receive their product.

Q: What if a student has an issue with their product or wants to return their product before the end of the year?

A: Have the student visit and log-in to his/her account and create a Service Ticket. If the student cannot remember their account information, have the student select the ‘Contact Us” link and fill out the information form. They can also call the home office at 866-651-5638 or email


Linen Program

Support the Resident Student Association (RSA) and your student by ordering linens and room decor through OCM.  Visit view options.

Please note that all beds on campus are extra-long twin-sized except in Walker Avenue apartments where the beds are full-sized.