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Peer Review Council (PRC)

Vision Statement

To provide peer-to-peer accountability for all residential students at UMBC. And to foster responsible citizens and a positive community  modeling restorative behavior and offering opportunities for personal development and reflection.

Mission Statement

The Peer Review Council upholds the Residential Life mission and vision to co-create exceptional and innovative living learning environments for our campus community by upholding the following core values:

Core Values

  • Citizenship: Residential students are members of a shared community; therefore, it is their responsibility to make positive contributions by respecting the principles.

  • Integrity: Every person is responsible for their actions.¬† By being honest, trustworthy, and sincere; the residential community will be stronger.

  • Respect: Care and concern for ourselves and the residential community will foster a culture of acceptance, mutual understanding, and freedom.

  • Civility: Every residential student deserves dignity.¬† Courtesy and compassion for differences will help show this to community members.

  • Living and Learning: Every moment can be used as an opportunity to learn and share our learning experiences with others.

PRC Member Duties & Eligibility


  • Protect the rights and responsibilities of students living in the UMBC residential communities.
  • Uphold the Residential Life policies, rules and regulations as outlined in the Rights and Responsibilities Guide.
  • Hold each member of the community accountable for their actions through a restorative adjudication process.
  • Ensure that each student receives a fair and impartial hearing.
  • Dedicate approximately one hour a week to attend hearings and meetings with Council advisors.
  • Arrive early to hearings in order to prep for cases.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality concerning all parties in Council hearings.
  • Be familiar with Residential Life rights and responsibilities.
  • Be professional and responsible members by notifying advisor in advance when you cannot attend a hearings, dressing professionally, and having a friendly demeanor.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a current residential student at UMBC.
  • Must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing with UMBC and maintain this status throughout the tenure as a member.
  • Must be able to commit at least one hour a week during the semester in addition to trainings.