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Laundry and Linens

Laundry facilities are available in all residential areas.

  • In the Residence Halls, laundry rooms are located in the basement or ground floor.
  • West Hill, Terrace, and Hillside laundry is available in the Apartment Community Center and in Elk.
  • Each apartment in Walker Avenue Apartments has its own washer and dryer.

The cost to use a washer and dryer is $1.25 each (except in Walker, where laundry is free) and can be paid either using quarters or money added to your campus card. For refunds, please see the link below.

Check the status of a Laundry Machine

Request a refund for lost Laundry funds

The Resident Student Association (RSA) provides information on linen packages in the New Student Assignment mailing for students who wish to purchase linen sets through that program. All beds on campus are extra-long twin-sized except in Walker Avenue apartments where the beds are full-sized.

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