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License, Fee & Damage Appeals

Housing License Cancellations

Students may cancel their housing license prior to occupancy (the start of the license term) by emailing Approved cancellations will result in a $200 housing deposit forfeiture.  A cancellation fee may be applied based on timing of the request.

Housing License & Fee Appeals

Students seeking release from their housing license, after the start of an academic year, must email Appeals may be submitted for significant change in financial, medical, or academic status. Students should include the reason for their appeal in detail and as much documentation as possible. The student may be asked to schedule a meeting with a member of the assignments team before the petition is formally reviewed by the Residential Life Appeals Committee.  Students granted an appeal may be subject to cancellation fees, pro-rated charges, and/or housing deposits forfeitures, as outlined in the housing license.

Damage Appeals

Please complete the following RT form, for appeals related to damage charges.