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Assignment of Selection Times
Your group selection times are assigned based on the average of your cumulative credits as of the end of the Winter 2018 semester. The order of selection times is based on that average.

Making your selection!
Beginning on March 30st you will see all housing selection options that are available to you. The time assigned to your group based on your group credit average will display in a countdown clock. When your selection time is reached, your group leader can select a room from any available space.

Process Selection Dates Information
Residential Life Housing Selection April 4 – 6 All available Residential Life rooms will be offered during the on-line housing selection process: including single, double and apartment/suite rooms.


Walker Avenue Apartments Housing Selection April 10 – 11 This option is only available if you and your group apply to Walker Avenue Apartments in March. More information on Walker Avenue Apartments can be found at