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Off-Campus Reminders FAQ’s

Reminders for Students While Off Campus


Preparing for Travel:

  • Sign-up for a check-out using the link you were previously provided.
  • Sign-up for an optional COVID test Nov. 16, 17, &18.
  • Start to limit your social interactions 14 days prior to leaving campus.
  • Review and plan for any travel/arrival state/country guidelines for your final destination.

Students traveling via public transportation:

  • For students who must travel by air, be sure to allow time for a longer check-in process, consider whether you need to eat at an airport or on a plane, and utilize e-tickets to maximize a contactless process.
  • When traveling home, you should wear a mask when in public spaces, bring your own pen, and carry sanitizer or wipes.

While Off-Campus:

  • Physical distance: Maintain at least 6 feet of separation, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Gather with others outdoors to the extent possible.
  • Honor the Retriever Community Agreement and State guidelines as you make decisions about your behavior.
  • While at home, it is important to continue to be vigilant about your behavior as small gatherings indoors are often the cause of the spread of COVID.
  • Start to limit your social interactions 14 days prior to leaving campus.
  • Review and plan for any travel/arrival state/country guidelines for your final destination AND Maryland guidelines for re-entry.
  • If returning home, let family members know of your arrival. Request to have the room or area you will be staying in cleaned and disinfected before you arrive.
    • Plan what to do if someone becomes ill.
      • Have you and your family make a plan for care and isolation, if someone in the household develops symptoms for COVID-19.
    • If traveling, review any state or local COVID-19 guidelines for the travel destination.
  • You are encouraged to minimize travel and to follow the current guidance from Maryland Governor Hogan.
  • If you are visiting with individuals who are elderly or who have compromised immune systems, you should wear a mask when around them as you are more likely the risk factor for them.

Create Safe Friend and Family Gatherings

    • Keep gatherings small.
      • When you arrive home or to a travel destination, you may want to connect with family and friends. Keep gatherings as small as possible. If persons from different households will attend, ask everyone to wear a mask, unless eating or drinking.
    • Gather outside.
      • If the weather permits or you have devices such as outdoor heaters and coverings, consider having gatherings outdoors. Indoor gatherings have been linked to increases in COVID-19 exposure risk. If you can’t gather outside, consider having plenty of space for guests and opening windows for air ventilation.
    • Gather virtually.
      • Gathering virtually with family and friends is a safe way to spend time with loved ones. There are lots of ways to make a virtual gathering a great experience.
    • Practice physical distancing.
      • Continue to practice physical distancing, especially with persons outside of your household. Consider shopping online this year to avoid large crowds or having virtual watch parties for holiday sporting events.
    • Avoid alcohol and other drug use.
      • The use of alcohol and other drugs limits the ability for persons to effectively practice COVID-19 prevention steps. Consider avoiding alcohol and other drugs during gatherings this year. Having dry or sober events is also a great way to support friends and family in recovery.

You are still a UMBC student:

  • Report any suspected exposure to COVID or a positive COVID test result to UMBC immediately.
  • Continue to conduct symptom monitoring 7 days a week.
    • You agreed to practice safe and healthy behavior both on and off campus including:
      • Wearing a face covering/mask,
      • Practicing physical distancing,
      • NOT hosting, organizing, or attending any gathering, party, or event that may create a health and safety risk for yourself and/or others, AND;
      • Adhering to the Code of Student Conduct and addendum