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Collaborative Feedback

We want to hear from you, participate in collaborative feedback with Residential Life!

Why should you participate in providing feedback to Residential Life?

  • Assessment in Residential Life allows the department to make informed changes and decisions based on resident student feedback. 
  • Over the past few years, UMBC has made important changes.Changes included creating Late Night hours in TrueGrits and providing complimentary laundry to all residents, all which came from YOUR feedback.
  • Check out this flyer (Welcome Back!) which outlined some changes made this past summer, 2019.
  • Keep checking this page for ways to participate in surveys or focus groups.

How does Residential Life use the information gained from feedback?

  • Any feedback Residential Life receives from an assessment is analyzed, compared, and then presented to various stakeholders within the department and the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Changes are made accordingly based on feedback.

What types of assessments does Residential Life complete?

  • Focus Groups: A small group of residents are selected to come into the Residential Life office to answer a series of questions that could be about residential experience, satisfaction, or housing procedures. The goal is to gain as much detailed information as we can from a small group of residents that can make a BIG impact.
    • Attendees are given a Thank You gift for their time and participation.
  • Surveys: A survey is usually administered through email to the entire residential community. The goal is to reach as many residents as we can for feedback–last fall we attained a 71.4% response rate for our Residential Experience Check-Up, the highest to date.

Current Projects (updated February 2020):

  • Focus Group #3 (Wednesday, February 26, 2020): 
    • Residents will be invited to participate in a focus group regarding Safety and Security in the residential communities.
    • As a Thank You, all residents will receive a pizza lunch, $15 UMBC Bookstore gift card, UMBC Camelbak water bottle! 
  • Collaborative Feedback Regarding Gender Survey Language (Academic Year 2019-2020):
    • In taking a step to repair unintended harm and reducing future impact of harm we have created a space for you to share your thoughts and ideas regarding survey language to the campus community.
    • Please follow this link to write in your thoughts. Please note that all responses are anonymous
  • Focus Group #4 (Wednesday, April 22, 2020): 
    • Topic and Thank You gift TBD
    • Check your email to see if you have been randomly selected to participate!


Assessment Projects 2019-2020
  • Focus Group #2 (December 9, 2019)
    • Residents from temporary housing will be invited to participate in a focus group regarding their satisfaction in UMBC housing.
    • They will be receiving a UMBC long-sleeve t-shirt from the Bookstore, a UMBC Residential Life blanket, UMBC Residential Life winter knit hat, as well as a pizza lunch.
  • Fall Laundry Satisfaction and Sustainability Survey (November 19th-December 18th, 2019):
    •  UMBC Residential Life and RSA collaborated on this project.
    • All residents are invited to take the survey to provide feedback on complimentary laundry and sustainability satisfaction in the Residence Halls.
    • Those who took the survey and reported their emails were entered into a raffle for Amazon Echos, $25 UMBC Bookstore vouchers, 2019 Winter Midnight Breakfast shirts, and a UMBC sweatshirt. 
  • Focus Group #1 (October 23, 2019)
    • Residents were randomly selected to participate in a focus group regarding residential satisfaction and community involvement. As a thank you, all attendees will receive a UMBC sweatshirt from the Bookstore and a pizza lunch.
  • Opening Survey (September): This survey was administered through QualitricsXM and sent to all residents following move-in weekend. Results from this survey will be used to improve move-in procedures next year, 2020.