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Collaborative Feedback

We want to hear from you, participate in collaborative feedback with Residential Life!

Why should you participate in providing feedback to Residential Life?

  • Assessment in Residential Life allows the department to make informed changes and decisions based on resident student feedback. 
  • Over the past few years, UMBC has made important changes to campus based on student feedback. Changes included creating Late Night hours in TrueGrits and providing inclusive laundry to all residents.
  • Check out this flyer (Welcome Back!) which outlines some changes made this past summer, 2019, based on YOUR feedback.
  • Keep checking this page for ways to participate in surveys or focus groups where you can provide us feedback to continue to make changes.

How does Residential Life use the information gained from feedback?

  • Any feedback Residential Life receives in the form of a survey or focus group is analyzed, compared, and then presented to various stakeholders within the department and the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Changes are made accordingly based on feedback received.

What types of assessments does Residential Life complete?

  • Focus Groups: A small group of residents are selected to come into the Residential Life office to answer a series of questions that could be about residential experience, satisfaction, or housing procedures. The goal is to gain as much detailed information as we can from a small group of residents that can make a BIG impact.
    • Attendees are given a Thank You gift for their time and participation.
  • Surveys: A survey is usually administered over email to the entire residential community. The goal is to gain as much information as possible and to reach as many residents as we can for feedback–last fall we attained a 71.4% response rate for our Residential Experience Check-Up, the highest to date!

Current Projects for 2019-2020

  • Opening Survey (September): This survey was administered through QualitricsXM and sent to all residents following move-in weekend. Results from this survey will be used to improve move-in procedures next year, 2020.
  • Focus Group #1 (October 23, 2019): Residents were randomly selected to participate in a focus group regarding residential satisfaction and community involvement. As a thank you, all attendees will receive a UMBC sweatshirt from the Bookstore and a pizza lunch. Stay tuned for results!
  • Focus Group #2 (December 9, 2019): Residents from temporary housing will be invited to participate in a focus group regarding their satisfaction in UMBC housing. They will be receiving a UMBC long-sleeve t-shirt from the Bookstore and a pizza lunch.