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Living in our Community

Welcome to UMBC’s residential community. When you’re here, you can make the most of your honors education and campus experience!

At UMBC, our communities are co-created. Resident students develop agreements for how they will live successfully together through community standards setting with their floor and living agreements with their roommates.

As a residential student you will learn skills for being in relationship with your peers. We believe that when a student is in conflict with another party, or the community standards, it presents an opportunity for learning, and living in our community allows us to take advantage of that opportunity.

  • We use Restorative Practices explicitly and in practical ways that elicit healthy conversations where mutual respect and accountability flourish.
  • All community members have both rights in our community, and the obligation to uphold the rules and community standards: Rights and Responsibilities Guide
  • When violations of the community standards occur, we look for ways to repair the harm caused by one person to another and to the community, with the goal of restoring order in the best way possible for everyone.
  • We practice peer accountability through Peer Review Council and inclusive decision making through Conduct Meetings.
  • Residents are taught how to resolve and understand conflict and difference in respectful ways. And we provide Conflict Resolution Options that engender trust, empathy, responsibility, and fosters healthy relationships.

In our community, we operate on the premise that living on campus should be about building relationships and community. You will be supported and challenged to experience more and accomplish more so you can be successful at UMBC in becoming leaders in our multi-cultural and increasingly global society.

Won’t you join us?