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Summer Housing

Residential Life, in partnership with Walker Avenue, will offer limited summer housing for eligible UMBC students. Non-UMBC students who may be in the Baltimore/DC Metro area due to an internship and are looking for Summer Housing opportunities should visit Intern Housing HUB.

Important Dates

Application Available May 1, 2021
Application Priority Deadline- Summer Session I May 16, 2021
Summer Session I Move-In May 31, 2021
Application Priority Deadline- Summer Session II June 27, 2021
Summer Session II Move-In July 11, 2021

*Please submit an RT Ticket if you do not see the Housing Application when you log into the Housing Portal.

Summer Housing Eligibility

To be eligible for residence, students must be admitted and enrolled as an undergraduate, graduate, or special non-degree seeking student at UMBC and meet one of the following conditions:

  • Enrolled in at least one face-to-face or hybrid course;
  • Employed, and granted return to work/campus status, by the University for the summer session; or
  • Have a permanent address that is more than 30 miles from UMBC’s campus and is enrolled in a UMBC approved in-person internship in the Baltimore metro area.

Summer COVID Compliance Expectations

As UMBC community members, we each have personal responsibility for actions that may affect our own health and the health of our friends, colleagues, and the broader campus community. The collective acceptance of our personal commitment and shared responsibility to take precautions and actions to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19 are the most effective strategies we have at our disposal. As such, all UMBC community members approved to be on campus during the Summer 2021 term are required to comply with certain health and safety prevention and education strategies.

All students approved to access campus, in order to live, attend classes and/or work are required to:

  1. Complete the Return to Campus COVID-19 Awareness Training for Students 
  2. Sign the Retriever Community Agreement found in the Return to Campus COVID-19 Awareness Training 
  3. Complete the online Symptom Monitoring Form seven (7) days a week throughout the semester
  4. Comply with all University testing requirements.

Hence, as a residential student, it is necessary to comply with these requirements to maintain your housing license and campus access.  Specifically, prior to move-in, residents must:

  1. Complete the Return to Campus COVID-19 Awareness Training for Students and sign the Retriever Community Agreement found in the training at least one business day prior to their intended move-in date.  Students who have previously completed the training for campus access in the spring do NOT need to repeat the training.
  2. Complete UMBC’s online symptom tracker every day, seven days a week beginning 14 days in advance of your move-in date. The form takes about 30 seconds to complete and includes a field to note your temperature and simple check boxes to indicate any symptoms or exposure. Respondents who indicate possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure may receive a follow-up call or other instructions based on their specific responses. We also encourage you to bookmark the symptom tracking site in your web browser and sign up for daily reminders via one of the following methods:
  • Go to, click “Groups” on the top right, and then scroll to “Available Groups” and click “subscribe” next to “Daily Symptom Monitoring.”
  • Text SymptomUMBC to 79516.
  1. Upon arriving on campus, residents must immediately submit an on-campus COVID test. Until a negative result from this test is received, residents are required to engage in a stay-in-place quarantine, meaning that they may leave their rooms for essential items and tasks only, such as getting food or medical supplies, solo, outdoor exercise, or for employment if their work can not be performed remotely or is considered essential employment.  The quarantine will be lifted when a negative test result is posted on the resident’s myUMBC compliance card.

Additionally, throughout the summer term, residents must:

  • Complete the symptom monitoring form daily each week.
  • Test twice a week in accordance with instructions provided for Group A
  • Follow all quarantine/isolation instructions from University Health Services.

Repeated failure to comply with these expectations may result in a temporary revocation of campus access, including access to campus housing, and/or revocation of campus access for the summer term, including termination of this housing license.

If a student has a unique circumstance that will prevent them from meeting these requirements on any given week, the student should send an email explaining their concern to in advance of the week they will be unable to meet requirements and follow the instructions provided by a compliance staff member.

UMBC currently has no policy exempting vaccinated community members from any requirements of the Retriever Community Agreement.  Residential students who have received a vaccine are expected to comply with testing and symptom tracking requirements and all other terms of the Retriever Community Agreement, Addendum to the Code of Student Conduct, and the Residential Rights and Responsibilities Guide.  We recognize that more information is becoming available regularly and plan to continue to evaluate this guidance and make changes as appropriate, in accordance with CDC, state, and local public health guidance.

Summer Room Rates 

The weekly rate for summer housing in Walker Avenue apartments is $245.  Students will be billed for the full length of their stay prior to move-in.

  • Summer Session I – 4 weeks ($980)
  • Summer Session I – 6 weeks ($1470)
  • Summer Session I – 8 weeks ($1960)
  • Summer Session I – 12 weeks ($2940)
  • Summer Session II – 4 weeks ($980)
  • Summer Session II – 6 weeks ($1470)

Students who complete the summer-only license and later cancel, will be assessed cancellation fees as follows:
$200 for cancellation prior to taking occupancy
$400 for failure to occupy on the license start date
$400 plus pro-rate for cancellation, upon approval, after taking occupancy