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Selection Dates & Times

On March 29, 2019 your group’s selection time will be sent to your UMBC email.  Selection times are assigned based on your group’s average cumulative credits as of the end of the winter 2019 semester and the selection process in which you are participating. Times are not prioritized by group size.


Selection Dates


Residential Life Housing Selection April 3 – 5 Residential Life rooms will be available in a
single housing selection process: including
single, double, and apartment/suite rooms.
Walker Avenue Apartments Housing Selection April 9 – 10 This option is only available if you and your group apply to Walker Avenue Apartments in March. More information on Walker Avenue Apartments can be found at

Why didn’t I receive a selection time?

Some students/groups may not receive a selection time if demand for housing is higher than the amount of available spaces. Students who did not receive a selection time but met the other requirements are still guaranteed housing, but will be assigned to housing by the Residential Life Assignments team over the summer as spaces become available.

Typically, groups with the lower individual or group credit averages will not be issued a selection time.

Making your selection

The time assigned to your group will be displayed in a countdown clock in Residence. When your selection time is reached, your group leader can select a room from any available space. Please make sure your group leader knows your group’s community preferences and about any special needs you may have and chooses a space accordingly!