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Roommate Group Formation

Get ready to find roommates! Below are some helpful tips for forming a roommate group:

  • You may form groups of 1, 2, or 4.
  • Students seeking to obtain a triple or quad should email  Groups of 3 interested in Walker Avenue Apts. should visit the Walker Avenue Apt. Leasing Office.
  • Commuters must be part of a current group of residential students. The group should visit Residential Life in Erickson Hall 184 to fill out a “commuter pass” application between March 4, 2019 and March 26, 2019 during normal business hours.
  • You can find roommate by attending one of the RSA Roommate Mixers on March 6 @ 6:00 PM in Harbor Hall MPR or March 14 @ 7PM in the Apartment Community Center. Food will be provided!
  • You can also find roommates online! The roommates’ module in your housing account allows you to filter on items such as sleep habits, room condition, allergies, and more. You can send a potential roommate a message through our system. That person will need to accept your Roommate offer before you become a group.
  • You may choose not to have your profile searched at any time by setting your My Account > Matching Profile Visibility to “Hide”.
  • You may also form groups with specific roommates you already know by having one person indicate the roommate’s code (see video below).
  • Due to the different housing selection cycles, current residents are not able to select incoming freshmen or transfer students as roommates during the Housing Selection process.=

Special Housing Options

Once you have a roommate group, it is important that you consider what communities and special housing options your group members may need for the upcoming year.

Gender Inclusive Housing

If you are interested in living with students regardless of biological sex, you may
participate in Gender Inclusive housing.  You will form Gender Inclusive groups (which may include mixed sex groups) between March 26th and March 28th.  During online Housing Selection, you will see spaces that are designated as Gender Inclusive.  The same credit priorities apply for Gender Inclusive housing.  Remember: apartment availability is
typically limited to groups with a minimum 50 credit average.  Please note that Residential Life does not recommend Gender Inclusive housing for students who are in a romantic
 When relationships change, this can put a significant strain on the
roommate relationship. That strain has contributed to roommate conflicts in the past.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

You should work closely with the Program Coordinator for your floor to determine if you are eligible to return to the floor. If you cannot return to the floor, you’ll need to make another choice during Housing Selection. If you’re interested in returning to your same Living Learning Community please fill out — “Living Learning Communities: I am currently living on a Living Learning Community floor/ wing and would like to return to the same community for the 2019-2020 academic year” on your application. You must still submit your housing application and license by the March 26th deadline.

9-month, Continuous Occupancy Housing

If you want or need to live on campus during Thanksgiving, winter and/or spring breaks, you should select from the 9-month housing options. This includes all apartments on campus: Hillside, Terrace, West Hill and Walker Avenue apartments.  Potomac Hall is also a 9-month community, as are the following floors in Harbor Hall: 1st North, 1st West, 2nd South, 2nd West, 3rd South, and 3rd West.  Please note that students choosing Harbor Hall or Potomac Hall must purchase a minimum of a $50 flex meal plan for January term. This is part of your housing license, and applies to all 9-month housing, whether or not students plan to live on campus for the month of January.

Quiet Lifestyle

Quiet Lifestyle floors enjoy extended quiet hours per community agreement. Extended quiet hours in these communities are 8PM to 8AM on weekdays and 10PM to 8AM on weekends.

These floors are:

  • Chesapeake 3rd West
  • Erickson 4th South
  • Harbor 4th South
  • Patapsco Basement East
  • Potomac Basement South
  • Hillside – Elk
  • Terrace – Chincoteague
  • West Hill – Part of Wye

Housing for Students with Special Needs

If you are currently in housing and have a disability or other medical accommodation, you still need to submit your application and housing license by the March 26th deadline.  You should email Wendy Crowe at to discuss housing placement for the 2019/2020 academic year or call 410-455-8832.

If you need a new disability related or medical accommodation you should contact Valerie Valentine at Student Disability Services ( or 410-455-8496).  Our office follows all recommendations from SDS.