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Students who apply for and participate in Housing Selection are also committing to the financial obligations and terms identified in the housing license for the full 2019-2020 academic year.

Application Eligibility – Who Can Apply for Housing Selection?

  • All current residential students with student accounts in good standing for spring 2019. Students with balances greater than $250 will not have access to the Housing Selection Application. Students on the Monthly Payment Plan who are in good standing with their payments will be eligible to participate. Students who clear their account hold should come to Residential Life, located in Erickson Hall, by or before 5PM on March 26th to request access to the application.
  • Commuter students (in good financial standing) are eligible if they are part of a group of current residential students. The group should visit Residential Life in Erickson Hall 184 to fill out a “commuter pass” application between March 4, 2019 and March 26, 2019 during normal business hours.
  • Fifth year (and beyond) & graduate students are only eligible to complete the at Walker Avenue Apartment application.

Application Options

Your first decision will be whether you want to live in Residential Life Housing or Walker Avenue Apartments. Students with less than 39 credits are not eligible for Walker Avenue Apts. and should choose the Residential Life application. You can select either Residential Life or Walker Ave Apartment, but not both – so make sure you’ve decided which option you want before you click the application:

If you are a…

And you are…


Current Reslife Resident Staying in Reslife Housing Submitting a new license by March 26th authorizes Residential Life to roll your housing deposit already on file forward into the next academic year. If you cancel your application at a later date you will forfeit the deposit in addition to incurring cancellation fees.
Current Reslife Resident Moving to Walker Avenue Apartments Submitting a Walker Avenue license by March 26th authorizes Residential Life to forward your existing $200 housing deposit to Walker for the reservation fee. If you cancel with Walker, you will forfeit the $200 you had on file in addition to
incurring cancellation fees.
Current Walker Resident Staying in Walker Housing You must pay a new $200 reservation fee to Walker each year.
Current Walker Resident Moving to Reslife Housing You must pay a $200 deposit, which will
be requested in the month of April.
Current off-campus student Commuter Moving to Reslife Housing Must be part of a group of current
residents. The $200 deposit is submitted as part of your application and must be paid by March 26th to be eligible for room selection.  You will see two applications to submit – one for the license and one for the deposit.
Current off-campus student Commuter Moving to Walker Housing Must be part of a group of current residents and pay the $200 reservation fee during
the Walker Avenue application process.


Meal Plan Selection

Student are asked to identify their meal plan for the upcoming year on the housing application. Please note that you will be billed for the meal plan you select on your housing application. If you wish to change your meal plan after Housing Selection, you will need to contact the Campus Card office directly, after July 1st, by sending them an RT ticket from the “help” tab in your myUMBC account. If you do not select a meal plan and you are assigned to a residence hall, you will automatically be billed for the 12-meal-a-week plan. All students living in a residence hall are required to be on a meal plan. Students living in Potomac and Harbor 9-month housing are required to purchase a winter session meal plan, (minimum $50 flex plan), even if they will not be on campus during the winter session.