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License, Fee & Damage Appeals

Housing License

Students complete a housing license in order to be assigned to housing. The term of this License is for the entire academic year defined as beginning with the start of the Fall Semester, or upon
Occupancy whichever occurs first, through the end of the Spring Semester.

Housing License Cancellations

Students may cancel their housing license prior to occupancy (the start of the license term) by emailing Approved cancellations will result in a $200 housing deposit forfeiture.  A cancellation fee may be applied based on timing of the request.

Fall 2019 Cancellation Schedule
  • Cancellations received by 11:59PM on June 1 will forfeit the housing deposit already on file.
  • Cancellations between June 2 and July 1 will be assessed a $200 cancellation fee and forfeit the housing deposit.
  • Cancellations between July 2 and August 15 will be assessed a $300 cancellation fee and forfeit the housing deposit.
  • Cancellations between August 16 and 27th will be assessed a $350 cancellation fee and forfeit the housing deposit.
  • Cancellations received after August 27th will be assessed a $500 cancellation fee, forfeit the housing deposit, and will be assess a pro-rated refund based on the University schedule.

Housing License Petition

UMBC may release a resident from their license under limited circumstances upon receipt of a formal petition requesting such extraordinary action accompanied by appropriate documentation. License releases are extraordinary, not automatic, and will be reviewed, with appropriate supporting documentation, if satisfying one of the following circumstances:

  • for Residents seeking to fulfill academic requirements of UMBC which require work outside of commuting distance to UMBC, or
  • for Residents with exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical condition rendering the license an undue hardship or impossibility of use and occupation).

Students seeking release from their housing license, after the start of an academic year, must email to initiate the appeal process.

The student may be asked to schedule a meeting with a member of the Residential Life Staff before the electronic petition is formally submitted and reviewed by the Residential Life Appeals Committee.

Students granted an appeal may be subject to cancellation fees, pro-rated charges, and/or housing deposits forfeitures, as outlined in the housing license.

Damage Appeals

Students who would like to appeal check-out related housing charges should complete the UMBC Residential Damage Appeal Form by 11:59PM on June 15, 2019.  Please keep in mind that submission of an appeal does not guarantee charges with will removed. Students who submit a formal appeal should receive a response from Residential Life by June 28, 2019.