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UMBC campuses are closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.

More about the Faculty Mentor Program

Residential Life is always trying to connect UMBC faculty members to the Faculty Mentor Program. The program allows resident students and faculty to benefit from out of class interactions discussing and sharing research and other professional or career interests, attending or facilitating programs, and engaging in informal discussion.

Research indicates that students who have contact with faculty outside of the classroom are more likely to graduate, exhibit higher levels of achievement, and are generally more satisfied with college.  “Institutions with low rates of student retention are those in which students generally report low rates of student-faculty contact.

Therefore, Residential Life have developed the Faculty Mentor position as a compensated role with Residential Life for the purpose of providing informal and formal out-of-class contact between faculty and students.  The faculty mentor will: 1) be assigned to a residential community while classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters; 2) be expected to devote between seven and ten hours per month engaging in discussion with students and serving as an academic and professional resource.  Faculty mentors will serve as a presence in the community and demonstrate the University’s commitment to partnering with students in learning.  Faculty mentors will be compensated through a stipend and this position does not require faculty mentors to live on campus.

We invite you to review the below job description and supplemental information, which describes the Faculty Mentor Position and the Residential Life Office in more details. We hope it spurs your interest, and we look forward to talking with all interested faculty members.


Interested faculty should direct inquiries about the Faculty Mentor Program to David Clurman at