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LLC Frequently Asked Questions

What are living-learning communities (LLCs)?

LLCs are purposeful attempts to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that complement and extend classroom learning. These communities foster faculty and resident interaction that enhances both intellectual and personal growth of the residents.

What are the advantages of living in a LLC?

Studies have shown that students who live in LLCs are more involved on and off campus and perform better academically than students who do not live in LLCs. LLCs provide students the opportunity to engage with faculty and staff members and create a supportive environment.

When and where can I sign up for a LLC?

Once admitted to UMBC, you will have access to your Housing Application. In your housing application you will preference your top three LLCs. You will be notified, via email, between May-June if you have been accepted to an LLC.

Is there an additional cost to live in a LLC?

There is NO additional cost associated with living in a LLC. 

Which residence halls have LLCs in them?

LLCs are placed throughout campus in a variety of residence halls. Some of the halls with LLCs include:

Patapsco Hall, Chesapeake Hall, Harbor Hall, Susquehanna Hall and Erickson Hall.

Can I live in the same LLC for more than one year?

Most of our LLCs, offer leadership opportunities to students who are interested in returning to an LLC for a second year. 

Are there requirements for LLC?

All of our LLCs have a co-curricular experience (a course or forum) students in the LLC are expected to participate in each fall semester. Students are also strongly encouraged to be active in the LLC and attend LLC-sponsored programs to achieve the best possible experience in the community.

How are faculty involved in LLCs?

Faculty members can play a variety of roles in our LLCs. Some faculty members may teach an academic course associated with a community for a semester or the entire year. Other faculty members may visit the halls to have review sessions, enjoy lunch or dinner with students, and share their current or ongoing research projects or professional work experiences.

Who can I contact in case I have further questions about LLCs?

You may contact the Residence Life Office at 410-455-3932 or